age of my chandler and price

how old is my chandler and price press, serial number 29351. its a 10 by 15 chase. i believe its an old style but not sure.its got curved spokes on the flywheel.inherited it from my grand father.know nothing about it but wont to fix it up.pat.april 12 87 and the number 830 next to it.also the number 5 under the ink plate. thanks for any help

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According to the serial number list I’ve seen, 29351 would be an 8x12 old style built about 2/3 of the way through their production of 1010 presses in the year 1895. The curved spoke flywheel on your press would indicate an old style; are you measuring the inside of the chase to get the 10x15 size?

thanks for the info Dave,and i was measuring the chase wrong