Recommendations for Hot Stamping Machine

So glad I found this site today!
I have been hot stamping for nearly 1 year on a Howard machine and have outgrown it for the volume that I am printing weekly.
I have been looking and looking for a reliable machine that is better suited for commercial volume, but can’t seem to find anything in between a “personal” machine and something that costs upwards of $20,000.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good air-operated machine?
Thank you!

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You might want to check out Aamstamp. I recently lucked into one of their manual operated machines and it is very nice (much nicer than I deserve lol).

You might want to check into how much Howard would charge to upgrade your current machine to air.

Can you share any tips or comments you have on hot stamping and how you have grown your business? What kind of products are you stamping? Do you use foundry type?

Hi, I will be listing 4 Heidelberg windmills each with foil attachments. If you have interest keep an eye out. Asking 2,000 each, all are black ball single phase and near NYC.
Regards S

Thank you for your replies!
My Howard machine is air operated. I have just found lately that the printing is a little inconsistent.

Stever - you have me intrigued about the Heidelberg. Is this a letterpress that can also do hot stamping work with the attachment?

RMG - I have a website selling personalized items such as napkins, coasters, boxes, bags etc. I used to outsource the personalized items to a printer, but decided to get the machine and do it myself to increase my profit margin, and I’m so happy that I did.
I’m not sure what type of business you have, or if you are online, but for me it all comes down to being easily found on the search engines, and the price. Since I’m not paying an employee to print the product for me, I can afford to keep my prices much lower than my competition.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for the information!