Good Electrician in Chicago?


I am having some problems hooking up my Chandler + Price New Series Press. Both the motor and control box need to be hooked up to the power switch. It supposedly runs on a 110v, but I have also had some people tell me it should run a 220v. I am attaching some photos of the controller and motor.

One electrician that looked at it said he would need a schematic that would help him, as he was a little confused about the control box. Does anyone know where I could find such thing? Or, an electrician in the Chicago area that may be of some assistance? I am attaching some photos of the control box, the motor, and the switch board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I also have the specs for both the motor and the A-K Controller, if that helps.

Thank You,

image: ControlBox.jpg


image: ControlBoxBack.jpg


image: MotorandControlBox.jpg


image: SwitchBox.jpg


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I wired one of these last year and it was rather straightforward. I’m not sure how to wire it to the wall box, but I could walk you through the steps of wiring the control box to the motor and installing a simple 110v plug onto the motor.

What size is your press?