Ringrose Press, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I hear the equipment from Ringrose Printing in Windsor Ontario Canada was sold. Does anyone know if it’s now for sale in Canada or the USA?

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If you are talking about the equipment for sale, announced here some weeks ago, I heard it was picked up by Craig from Don Black Linecasting.

Yep that’s the one. Thanks!

Craig black took all the type, 2 heidleberg windmills and the motor off of a Kluge 12X18. Last I was there the current owner stilll had a working C&P 10X15 new style with motor. Mind you, I was there just in the beginning of August so I’m not sure if this information still stands.

The property itself was wild. Every inch of the (now diseased) printer’s home was covered in various printing projects he had done throughout his life. A bit eerie but clearly a passionate printer at heart.

(I remember seeing a ludlow as well. Unsure of it’s condition though)