We Need an Intern!

Where’s my coffee? Why isn’t this mess cleaned up? Can I borrow a few bucks for lunch?

If you can answer “Coming right up,” “Right Away, Sir!,” and “Sure, No Problem” to the questions above, you are the ideal intern. Please report for duty immediately.

Ok, so maybe we don’t treat interns THAT badly. But we do need some help around here. What we lack in funds (this will be an unpaid internship) we can reimburse with knowledge, press time and portfolio pieces.

As intern, you will learn all the tricks and psychoses of prepress, paper cutting, Heidelberg Windmills, and whatever else we can teach you. Plus you’ll get all the time on our C&P Pilot or Vandercook you desire!

Interested? Shoot us an e-mail and tell us why you’re the ideal candidate.

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