A Getting Started Kit

I’m the proud winner of a 5 x 8 Kelsey Model U press. It seems that everything is great with it, minus I may need to get new rollers. I am both scared and excited all at the same time!

This will be (waiting for it to arrive) the first printing I have done and I would love some advice on a “Starter kit” if you will of the supplies from paper to ink that I will need to get up and running.

I have a home based custom design/ stationary company and I’m looking to take everything to the next level of letterpress.

All advice is greatly, greatly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance :-)

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As for a “starter kit” I don’t know, and I’m unfamiliar with the Kelsey presses, but here’s my list of items to have.

Gauge Pins
X-Acto Knife
A good ruler (pica-pole)
Type (wood, lead) Or you can go the Polymar Plate route in which case a base will be needed (like a boxcar or similar).
Quoins & Key
Rubber or Oil based ink (I like Rubber)
Something to clean-up with (presswash). That is a whole discussion in and of itself, but I like Kerosene.
Rags to clean with
Putty knives
I use a piece of thick tempered glass to mix my inks on
Paper - whatever you want, really. Lettra is cool, but there are a bazillion other good papers.
Electrical tape (if you need to tape your rails)

… that’s my list for now.

Popular Science July 1966 had a thorough article on a home print shop. It may be found by searching Google books.

Letterpress Things’ list of “Things” is also a good place to start: Click on “Things” in the sidebar http://www.letterpressthings.com/