Adana HS #3 value

Hi all, I am considering selling off my Adana HS #3 but I was curious what the value of it is. I know recently ebay has somewhat inflated the price of all tabletop machines but I was wondering if anyone has had experience selling this particular machine. I have completely stripped it down, cleaned up all the rust and repainted it. It is missing the mechanism that turns the inking disk and it has been welded on one of the connecting arms underneath. Other than that it is complete and clean. It does have rollers but I think they will need recovering as they are constantly seeping.

My questions are, does the rarity of this particular model increase it’s value at all? I would like this machine to go to a place where it will be appreciated so I am considering listing it here only, but I also would like to get a decent price for it so I have considered ebay as well.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!


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It all depends I think of what you want to ask for it yourself. Do you want this press to go to somebody who will enjoy printing with it and who might be a starter in letterpress. I got an Adana 8 x 5 earlier this year for a bottle of Cognac, and an Adana HS No.2 and a couple of cases of type, quoins etc. for £100 and a lunch. The person selling it to me was happy for it to be used and we ended talking about his father who had used the press to print tickets for raffles and psalms for his church.

To be fair some parties see the HS3 as a superior machine to the 8 x 5. And it is a scarcer machine. However you will always get more for the 8 x 5. These seem to make £150 - £200 for a lone complete machine and more with type and accessories. Your HS3 has parts missing and has been welded, in my experience any breakages devalue a press. And a new set of rollers will cost £50+ that the potential buyer has to factor in, also delivery costs or collection costs. Maybe you should put it on Ebay with a modest reserve and see how it runs. Jeremy.