I’ve started an online journal focused on wood type:


The journal is dedicated to Rob Roy Kelly and will function as a platform for recording thoughts and observations on wood type and related matters (large-scale lettering, decorative typefounding, sign painting, etc).

image: Picture 1.png

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An outstanding site Nick!!!!!! Anyone at all interested in wood type and related subjects would do well to check out this excellent site. Extremely informative with links to dozens of fascinating sites and subjects. One of the better resources to come along recently.

Be prepared to spend a long period of time delving into the information presented in this journal.

Rick von Holdt
The Foolproof Press

Great job on this new site. We talked about it a bit at the Hamilton 10th Anniversary in May and I’ve been looking forward to its launch ever since. As usual, you’ve done an excellent and detailed job in presenting the subject of wood type and designing with it. Woodtyper.com will be an invaluable resource for all wood type collectors. Well done! Thanks!
Bob Piontkowski

This is an incredible site… i’ve been searching for inspiration for my next wood type project and i’ve found an abundance here. Well done!

I’m enjoying ‘Woodtyper,’ and am excited to pass it on to others.

Thanks for the SIlver Buckle Press specimen book plug.


Thanks Nick,

This is the first reading assignment for my letterpress class. First assignment is printing with wood type so what could be better. Great job on the site.

Long Day Press