Roughly 100 lbs. of old metal / lead type

UPDATE! All the borders and little people have been purchased, but I still have all the letters, numbers, and punctuation. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll update as things are sold. I purchased a 12-drawer little printer’s cabinet about 10 years ago at auction that was filled with lead printer’s type. I know absolutely nothing about this stuff other than one of the company logos dates to 1923 or before. I’m betting everything in the cabinet is that age. There are many sets of complete alphabets, punctuation, numbers, etc. in all different styles, as well as some figures dressed in old-timey clothing. Beautiful borders and scrolls, etc. Some of the individual pieces look like little pieces of art. I’m hoping that someone could / would put these to good use. My pictures are too big to attach, but would be happy to send them to you on request. Thanks for your help. I really don’t know what these are worth and am open to negotiation. I have set up a photobucket album w/pictures I can send you a link to if you’d like to see pictures.

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