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Hi, I new to this website, was referred here. My father is a retired pressman. We have in our possession some vintage printers cabinets that we figure are either late 1800’s or early
1900’s wooden cabinets made by Hamilton Mfg Co. We have done some research. The cabinets contain some letters, but not alot, mostly 2” and 3”…dont ask me what style, this stuff is old. The Cabinets are all 20 Drawers with the dividers ect in pretty decent shape. We have 4 in total. 2 are about 30 or so inches wide, and the other 2 are wider. Both about 48” high or so without measuring. What would these be worth to sell ? and still get a resonable price? We would like to sell them as a package. We also have 12 extra drawers, all Hamilton and all with dividers. We think these are all early 1900’s

image: Picture 001.jpg

Picture 001.jpg

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This is all way too vague to even hazard a guess at “value”.

Just exactly how wide are the two widths of your typecases? You talk about “letters” that are 2” and 3”. That would indicate that you have wood type. Is it all wood type or are there typecases with metal types in them also?
Are the typecases divided into compartments (boxes) or are they divided into strips (for wood type)?

One of the most important aspects for the value of all of this is the actual typefaces that are contained in the cabinets. The value of the type alone could exceed the value of the cases. More often than not, this is NOT the case, but you really should determine if there is any really desirable (read: valuable) type in those cases.

It would also be very helpful to know your location, as anyone interested would also have to factor the distance to come and get them. Also knowing where you are would help in possibly being able to suggesting someone in your area to contact that is knowledgeable and might help you out.