removing 17 year old ink from rollers


I found a perfect windmill yesterday. The only issue is that the last printer who used the machine, forgot to clean the ink from the rollers, …. 17 years ago :-)
Even the the ink is still in the inkcontainer.
Any idea how I can clean the rolls or should I just change the rubber rollers ? If so, where can I get these ?



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Oops, found the answer already in the forums.
Should have searched better before I posted this.


Paint stripper works well on metal parts,but the stuff is rather james

Hi, work on them with fine steel wool and gasoline or paint thinner - same for the ink fount. Dick

A great place for supplies is Pressman’s Pride. Very knowledgeable and they carry “earth friendly” solutions that work. Erick stocks inks, plates, solutions and other press room supplies. He is my shop neighbor.

Just to let you know that paint thinner and fine steel wool worked perfectly !
It took me a few days but everything is crisp and clean now.


I’m thinking 17 year old rollers are kind of shot. Replace them. Every couple of years.


Yes, new press – new rollers!
Gott grüß die Kunst