Packing for Adana 8x5

Hi everybody,

I just tried out my 8X5 today and was trying to get an even pressure. At the end, I could only get a varied even print but it still wasn’t perfect. The bottom and the top pressure are never the same. I didn’t have the popper packing for print and was only using a few extra piece of paper as the packing, as I was only testing my damaged ink disk. So now my ink disk seems to be ok and my second step would be getting the popper packing materials. From my research (I did my homework..hehhe) I understand I would need to get some tympan paper and board, however would anyone be kind enough to suggest how many layer of paper and how thick the board I would need for my Adana 8x5 to start with? As for the board if it is a special board for packing or just any board that I could find from an art supply like mounting board? Thanks again for your help…I really wish there is somewhere I could go in London to learn how to get the best of my press-Andy.

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Have a look here, as you’re based in the UK, this might help you with the packing for your press. I’ve not tried it myself yet, but several people around me use this.

Thx, Thomas. What do you use for packing yourself?

I have a 5x8 Kelsey, and here’s how my press is currently set up, to print on coated 50# stock:

Single sheet of tympan paper on the platen (anchored under the hinged bars at the top and bottom).

Underneath that, a single sheet of red pressboard, which is that brownish red cardboardy kind of stuff that you see on the covers of some accounting notebooks and the like — here’s a picture of what it looks like:

One or two or three sheets of 50# paper.

That’s how my press is set right now, and it kisses the 50# stock I’m printing on perfectly.