Please help with press identification

I know only that is in Europe and has 35.5 x 25 cm chase. Any Ideas about model or brand name?
I’m sure I will need to repair this press and before I’ll buy this machine I want to know is it possible to find rollers for this press.
Maybe somebody can instruct me about condition of this press?
Thanks :)

image: P5220809.JPG


image: P5220810.JPG


image: P5220811.JPG


image: P5220812.JPG


image: P5220813.JPG


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As you can clearly see on the photos, the rollers are there. It’s now only a question of getting a company to make you new rollers. You simply send them the old ones, together with the runners for a diameter. To me it looks this press needs cleaning and oiling and that you could print on it almost straight away. Has it got the chase? And where is this press now? That might help with identification.

Thanks Thomas for your reply,
Currently this machine is in Germany. I think this press have no chase (I have to ask supplier about that) and I will need make it by my self….
Maybe you know company in Europe which can renew rollers?

I understand that you’re living in Lithuania. You’re close to Germany and should be able to find a manufacturer of rollers there. Get in touch with the people from, close to Frankfurt. They can also supply you with ink, type, handrollers (brayers) and other useful material like paper for your tympan. There is this company in the Netherlands: who supply all the private press printers with rollers and in the UK there is Elisabeth Evans, who has a very good service. Even if the chase is missing, it should not be too difficult to get one made. Good luck.

Thomas, many thanks for your advices they are really useful for me.

Thomas, thanks for your really useful European :) advices.