Roller re-covering in the UK?

Hi there, I’ve just fulfilled a long-time dream and purchased a little press, it’s an Adana Five Three; it’s in beautiful condition as we’re the oodles of accessories that came with it.
The ink rollers however are old and gooey - I was wondering if anyone out there knows if it’s possible to get rollers re-covered in the UK? Or would I be better off just buying a new set?
At the mo I’m hand-inking as I want to get my prop card sent in asap!
This site is excellent, there so much useful info here!

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you can get good rollers for your adana on ebay for about 30 quid, i’m not sure about getting them re-covered I always assumed that was for larger presses with bigger rollers. I had some from ebay and they worked perfectly in my 8x5 with wood and lead type.

Aha! Thanks for your advice. I had seen the ones on ebay - my next question would have been are they ‘proper’ ones, so you’ve answered that too! Much obliged!

Get in touch with: [email protected] for good rollers for your 3 x 5.