Battleship Linoleum vendor in Toronto, Canada?

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Can anyone suggest a Canadian (or better yet, Toronto) source for battleship linoleum (suitable for linocuts) in sheet form? (Rather than art store cut-down pieces at art store prices)

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Have you looked into having ship to you? They sell linoleum by the roll. 12”x90’ 24”x90’ and 36”x90’ You’d pay actual shipping charges. The two larger sizes are oversized, and would ship by truck. Daniel Smith carries similar products, but you would have to deal with the same international shipping.

Thanks for the tip — I’m trying to find a Canadian supplier, and better yet, a local supplier, there’s no shortage of flooring supply places in Toronto, so I may just have to walk around with a sample.

I’ve bought rolls of battleship grey from Dick Blick for the past 9 years and mount it myself to 3/4” particle board. Its worth buying by the roll and saves money. I’m not sure you’ll find linoleum to carve at a flooring store.


Cmcgarr: My worry is that the shipping cost to Canada for such a heavy item will be prohibitive. I’ve inquired at Dick Blick — I’ll report back.

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After I thought about it you may get some great images from Tile linoleum. A guy down here in Texas by the name of Dirk Fowler will print from anything if he gets it type high. He does excellent work. So, you might try the unconventional route as well.


cmcgarr: I believe I should be able to find some suitable linoleum sheet flooring — ‘art’ grade linoleum might be a premium product, but linoleum flooring should be readily available.


Modern Linoleum
839 College St
Toronto ON, M6H 1A1
Phone #: 416-536-5748

Solid colour roll linoleum, exactly like the basic linoleum stock found in art stores (aboveground etc.) available in gray, tan etc. $35/yd

How wide is the linoleum?

That seems pretty expensive. Dick blick sells 25’ x 12” for $86. That is $10.75 a yard. It must be very wide to be so expensive.


Cmcgarr: I’ll know the dimension today, though the samples I saw of similar (but patterned) stock seemed very wide unless I’m mistaken (6’?)

As for the cost, I believe it’s $35/sq yard not a linear yard. Cost is in Canadian funds.

A big reason not to order from Blick is the potential customs duty and shipping cost.

I did inquire with Blick, but they haven’t got back to me yet with pricing.



Update on ordering from Blick, shipping to Canada:

(for product#s 40404-1022, 40404-1024, OR 40404-1036)

Ships by UPS freight, base charge is $160 U.S. not including ‘liftgate’ costs ($25) for lifting the roll off the truck, and ‘inside delivery’ charge ($25) for bringing the item into a ground level room.

Plus customs and taxes obviously.

Lesson learned? Buy local.

OK, I talked to Modern Linoleum again (and ordered some roll linoleum from them), to clarify they sell by the square meter, and it works out to approximately $5 (Can.) a square foot, with some savings for buying ‘full pieces’. The material comes in 2 meter wide lengths, & the piece I ordered works out to about 6’ 7” by 15’. It’s true that they are substantially more expensive than Dick Blick — but as they are local, I avoid the exchange, customs and shipping costs. Apparently Modern Linoleum is the supplier for the relief printmaking department at the Ontario College of Art & Design.


This is just an update to the post on battleship linoleum in Canada. Since the post Modern Linoleum has moved and are no longer on College Street. The Ontario College of Art & Design printmaking department no longer sells linoleum or orders it for students. You can however get pieces from Aboveground Art supplies:
They sell a 24” wide sheet by the foot for $13.79 Canadian.

Come over to Detroit Michigan area. Dick Blick has in stock. Hollanders in Ann Arbor also had it, but no more.
Closest to you is still in the Detroit area. None in Canada.