vanSon inks (rubber-based and soy-based Sonaprint)

I have read all of the soy-based ink threads so there is no need to start debate here on this topic.

I’m simply curious if vanSon’s rubber-based inks and soy-based Sonaprint inks can both be used on the same set of rollers (not at the same time). I have purchased the rubber-based inks but would also like to test the Sonaprint but thought I’d ask the experts here first.

Is it as simple as using, say, Putz Pomade between the use of each type of ink?

Any input on this would be appreciated.

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Washing the rollers would do the trick. No Putz.

Have used both for years. They both work equally well. Have even mixed small amounts together to get a PMS color for a small job when I didn’t have enouth of one kind to mix color I needed. I do not thank the mixture keeps very well over a month or two but worked in a pinch. I have never seen any problum using either of them . Like the person said before me. Just wash your rollers like you would anyother time and use what you want and wash up when you are done. I never leave ink on my rollers over night.

Dana Warh