Kluge Automatic problem

Kluge will feed and deliver but automatic impression does not work have to set impression manually on or off.

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What year is your kluge?

Over a period of time of running kluge’s the vacuum lines collect paper dust and who knows what. These vacuum lines will plug up and the automatic trip will not work properly. What I use to do was take my hoses loose and push a cotton pad through the hose to clean them out. I would also take the vacuum line off the delivery suckers and pour roller wash into it while the press was running. Now this is very important, BEFORE YOU POUR THE ROLLER WASH INTO THE HOSE, REMOVE THE AIR OUT HOSE FROM THE AIR PUMP AND PUT A SHOP TOWEL THERE TO COLLECT THE STUFF THAT COMES OUT. If you don’t do this all that stuff will be in your air blowers on the feeder and your paper will be sprayed and ruined. When you are done be sure to put all your hoses back the way you took them off.

Another thing to look for is the vacuum leak caused by a cracked hose. This will cause the automatic vacuum not to trip on.

Also check the vacuum trip on the impression trip lever. It has a small hose and if it is cracked or off the lever will not activate and not go on impression automatically. It is located between the frame on the left side and the manual impression trip lever. I believe just above the crank shaft.

Most of the time all the what was wrong was an air leak or pluged lines.

Hope this helps. Ran kluge’s for over 25 years and this fix always seemed to work.

Dana Warth