Locating heating elements/ Windmill foil stamping

Greetings All!!! I am a former Heidelberg machanic, currantly in charge of maint. @ a specialty printer in central Ma.(USA). I am responcible for(6) 10X15’s and am trying to locate a heating element for the one heidi that I use for foil stamping on napkins. If anyone has some contacts/resources that I may utilize I am quite sure that I would be the most gratefull first time member in recent history!! I am currantly using an 8” sq. heating element, however My largest image area is, on average 3.5” square . Any input / suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated!!! Thanx Mike LaFosse

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Mike, you might try http://lutzmachinery.com/ they may be able to help.
Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press