I was at an auction last year of an old press shop. It was advertised to the scrape metal buyers. I bought as much of the type and other items that I could afford. I am a small hobby printer. I have never sold anything I made, nor have I sold anything from my collection. Due to this recession, I’ve been forced to look at selling things that I do not use or need. But, you will not be seeing any of these items here because someone at Briar Press has blocked my ad. I asked for an explanation and was given “Dealers, resellers, suppliers and others who commercially or regularly sell or sold printing equipment, or letterpress products or services”, and I can advertise for a fee. How can someone, without knowing me, determine this? And I’m broke! Frustrating, trying to do a good thing and get shot down. Going to the “bad” classifieds.

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Unfortunately your post does not contain specific details, assuming you want some guidance and are not just venting. Obviously people regularly sell things through the classifieds on this site. If your particular ad triggered the policy that keeps you from advertising unless you pay a fee there must be some specific reason that this determination was made.

You should either ask why your ad was considered commercial or, if you know why and are looking for guidance or comments here, give us more information.


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I did ask and just got an answer. I work at a stationery store and have an email account there. I was just wondering if anyone else had a problem get an ad on here.
I, also, believe Briar Press should make some money. But, fees should be up front and not be ambiguous or discriminatory. It could be very simple and on the honor system. A flat small fee for everyone with a 20-30 day limit. Limit the reseller to one classified to give buyers their links to ebay. I looked at this sight as a place for info, and if a reseller has what I need, that’s great.