Please help me with this type

I need to identifie this two family type.

image: 01.JPG


image: 02.JPG


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Without any decent references at hand, these look like Eden and Copperplate Gothic, respectively, to me. Eden came in at least two weights and perhaps a condensed or narrow version, I’d guess this is medium. Copperplate came in at least three weights, and condensed and wide versions; this looks like Copperplate Gothic Light (regular width).

no.1 Glamour light, no.2 Copperplate

Thank you very much. Especially to Atelier Domino.

a.d. is right, it looks more like Glamour than Eden, although the caps of both are quite similar. The “J” doesn’t look quite like the specimens of Glamour in McGrew’s book; it there a possibility the type is actually Corvinus?