Three-Day Intaglio Printmaking Workshop

$165 for three days
at The Gowanus Studio Space



The Printmaking Workshop at The Gowanus Studio Space is proud to offer an intaglio printmaking intensive workshop.

Led by GSS Printshop Manager Julia Samuels, this workshop will introduce artists and designers to the art of intaglio printmaking. Developed in Germany and Italy in the 15th Century, intaglio printmaking is a beautifully sensitive and versatile art form.

Participants will be supplied with everything needed to create 3 practice plates and 1 final print. You don’t need to bring a thing with you, but you’re encouraged to bring along some design ideas.

Overview of Intaglio Techniques:

-Line Etching
-Dry Point
-Spit bite
-Sugar Lift
-Chine Colle

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In an era when art is beyond cross-disciplinary, encompassing infinite amalgams of media from design to sculpture, from performance to craft, from video to painting, The Gowanus Studio Space makes the execution possible and the product accessible. Offering exhibition, curation and production opportunities, the studio is a forum for new ideas and an inroad for young or emerging artists and designers to today’s insular New York art world.

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