Hot press part

I bought a big lot of letterpress items and this was included. It’s a form for a foil stamping press but I don’t know what brand or what exactly this is called. Chase? Die holder?
It is 2 3/4” wide, 4 5/8” in length, and 1 7/16” in heighth including the 5/8” base.
I’d appreciate any help in identifying this part.

image: DSCN0010.JPG


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it is a chase for foil stamping press, similiar to one i have, i think my press is made by franklin in massachusetts but i’m not sure. i’ll have to look when i get in my shop. my chase has a handle on one end. good luck dick g.

the company is franklin mfg. company located in norwood, ma. i have three of their table top machines and they all use different ways to lock the type in the machines. dick g.