Press identification

Hello, this is my first message here.
I am a papercut artist and I live in France.
I am also interested in letterpress and always happy to read so many advice and information in this place, so thank you all for sharing your knowledge to everyone, beginners or experimented people !

I would like to restore an old press one day, that’s why I am
trying to know more about this one, which is in my area :
The owner has given a name, “Victoria”, and a date, “1926”.
Could someone tell me more about this model and its worth ? It seemed to me quite similar to another one much older, the Minerva from Cropper.

Thank you !

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Hi from England. The press is identical to the Minerva, made by Thomas Cropper in England. The later presses by Cropper Charlton were all marked in the casting with the name. Earlier machines had a brass plate at the rear of the machine on the crossbar of the roller carriage. They were also made in Belgium and France with some alterations. The press seems earlier than 1926 having a curved spoke flywheel. Later machines in the UK had solid flywheels post WW1. I think the press needs much restoration. Does it turn over? Make sure there are no breaks or welds. They do not make much money here especially in that condition. Also bear in mind a set of rollers will cost about 100 pounds each. Make sure the roller bearers or runners are present, they are another expense if missing. However, good luck with your project it will be rewarding to get this beast back on the road so to speak.

Thank you Albion_press !

I spoke today with the owner who confirmed the name, and now says that in fact it was made in 1826, which seems a bit strange since I have read here that this model began to be manufactured in 1867 … ?

But he said that it works perfectly well (which surprised me a bit too), he used to print on it (but did not tell me when though). No broken or missing piece except for the rollers that need to be changed.
Thank you for giving me the price of a new set of rollers by the way !

The owner is now waiting for me to give a price, I really have no idea and will see the press in a few days (and read the true date !).
I think the transport will be delicate and expensive too, he told me that the press weights about 600 kgs.
I was a bit naive, thinking maybe around 200-300 kgs …

I have also found this video which gives a better look of the mecanism :

Albion_press, have you already done some printing on this model ? Or someone else here, who would like to share a bit of his/her experience ?

Hi Elsa,

Yes I printed on this model in my late Father’s museum. They are nice to use with the treadle before you move to motorised as you can control your feeding speed. And the press is c.1890. The seller clearly does not know so much. As for price go in low if you want it, the condition is a good bargaining point as is the fact it has no rollers. And they are not uncommon.