Litho ink with magnesium carbonate?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any suggestions on printing on a C&P using lithography inks? I assume i will need to use some sort of drying additive. would magnesium carbonate work well with it?

thanks in advance

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Well, I’d try the ink straight out of the can to see if that works first. I don’t know anything about magnesium carbonate; if I were concerned about drying, I would add a cobalt or a three-way drier. But my experience with litho inks is that they usually dry fast as is.

Best wishes, Brian

Lithographic inks are notoriously lacking in drier, but it is always a good idea to test the ink from the can first. Calcium carbonate will thicken the ink, not really make a big difference to the drying. I second the suggestion about cobalt and three-way drier, you also might consult the ink maker about recommended driers as some manufacturers will have a specific drier for the ink in question.


Thank you Brian and Paul, i will try cobalt and three-way drier.