Help identifying a press…

We recently picked up this press…at first we thought it was a Kluge, but then we noticed that part of the platen has Chandler & Price stamped into it. After researching, we’re still unclear on the make of the press because the serial number does not match any C&P #s that we have been able to find (NP445). I’m attaching some images below, anyone have any thoughts on our mystery press? We need some parts for it, so it would be really helpful to know exactly what we have here before starting that search! Thanks.

image: photo3.jpg


image: photo5.jpg


image: photo2.jpg


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Looks like it could have been a C&P that was remanufactured by Kluge—before Kluge decided to build their own presses. Looks different than any I’ve seen though. Looks to have a side delivery system and a rather unique frame.

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

After a closer look I begin to wonder if this isn’t a stripped down early model C&P Craftsman. I notice it seems to have adjustable rails and a center platen adjustment screw.

The NP Series C&Ps were manufactured at the very end of the company’s existence, in the late 50s and early 60s. Somewhere I have a brochure about the model, I’ll see if I can find it. Yours looks to have had an automatic feeder attached originally, perhaps a Rice (it’s been several years since I operated one). This model is especially nice, because of the extra-heavy castings making it comparable to a Craftsman model and it has adjustable roller guides to get perfect inking. If you will figure how to set your feedboard higher you will be much happier, and if you no longer have the feeder you might want to remove some of the extra supports and levers that were used to operate it.