Just when you think you know everything…

Isn’t it great when you run the same windmill for 20 years and you discover a hidden oil hole for the first time?

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Oh dear! Where was the hole — for the benefit of other Windmill printers?

I sometimes worry about missing some on my Vandercook No. 4. I count 19: 7 on the operator’s side, 1 on the gripper foot pedal, and 11 on the side opposite the operator. If there are more, please, along with your condolences, give me a hint as to their whereabouts. I’m referring only to holes marked as such, and not the fill cups on the motor.


image: Hidden hole.jpg

Hidden hole.jpg

Ha! Thats the one HD!
I don’t think there was any harm done, this is a very well (over) lubricated machine otherwise.

Barb, if I have any advice for you, try bending over and actually looking for oil holes, instead of thinking you know where they all are. The fact you are worried is the first step. I guess the manual is the next step.