Duane Juell 

Heritage Letterpress Rentals [email protected]

We now offer studio/press rentals!! So if you have ever wanted to give it a try, ” You Print It ” is here for you to experience letterpress printing first hand.
If you are looking to print your own wedding invitations, or want to produce your own book or art prints, this is the perfect place to do it.
You can purchase paper, make your own plates or have us make them for you, set up and run the press yourself. But if you need help you can even rent one of us by the hour to help you.
Crayton-Heritage is the product of the merger of Crayton Printing, which began as a print production shop for The Masons, and Heritage Letterpress, which printed books and periodicals from hot lead and foundry type. We do production work everyday, so this is the perfect place to jump in and learn letterpress

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