wind mill S.H. insignia?

My heidelberg has the “H.S.” insignia instead of the “original heidelberge”. what does this mean? Its a 13x18 with a handle instead of the red orr black ball for the impression. Also today i was loosing the grip on the sheet and they would fly all over and i found One of thee grippers isnt compleetly flat on the top or the bottom it has a slight bow in it . is there a way to increase the depth at wich the sheet goes into the grippers to avoid a costly gripper replacement? p.s. the two grippers are different. one is like a comb and the other is solid. thanks

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“H. S” probably stands for Heidelberg Schnellpressenfabrik. which is the full title of the Heidelberg Group.

It sounds like a very old machine.
The early grippers were solid, but were superseded by the comb-like ones, which I believe came in after the second world war.

yes mine has both types of gippers and its soo old it doesnthave the auto shut off when you raise the sighn or the shear sleve in the back when the press locks up. Its really cool and i love that thing.