OS 8x12 C&P Treadle on OS 7x11 C&P?

I found an OS C&P press, that I believed to be an 8x12. I measured the chase bed area several times and the length and width both measured slightly larger than 8x12. However, after looking up my serial number, it appears that my press is 7x11, not 8x12 like I had thought. I have already purchased a 8x12 OS replacement treadle for my press from Hern Iron Works, I am wondering if I will be able to use it on my press. Any advice on this? Does anyone make replacement treadles for OS C&P 7x11? Thanks!

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Check with Hern. I have a 7 x11 I am reassembling. The treadle measures 29.75” in length, 10.75” wide at the footpad end and 12 3/16” wide at the end where it connects to the bar.