Lubrication Points

Where might we find a chart with lubrication points for C&P 14X20 ? Jim

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Usually the lube points are marked with red or yellow, but if the press has been re-painted…

You can do this without a chart: walk around the press while it is idling, and observe the moving parts. Anywhere that metal turns against metal is a potential lubrication point. You may be the first in this millennium to do this on the 14X20 C&P, so be sure to take pictures, and make notes.

Thank you. Found a lot of lube holes. Do you recommend a weight of oil? Brand?

Are 14 X 20 C&P scarce? It is a monster. Weighs nearly 3000 pounds. Rolled it into garage on pipe etc.

What I recommend is first cleaning the oil holes real well (I used drillbits and q-tips) and then using a way-oil as described in my Oct. 2nd post at
I am still looking for oil hole covers for the various size holes to try to keep the holes when using the press.