Help Identifying Letterpress Font

Hello, I’ve recently purchased some sets of font, and I’m trying to properly identify them, I’ve browsed around the web for what this Letterpress Font is, but I can’t identify it. Can anyone help?


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Here are the pictures

image: IMGP1069.JPG


image: IMGP1064.JPG


Beton or Memphis…

could be stymie medium?

Yeah Stymie !!!

Is Stymie a good or popular font? What do you think a font set like this would sell for? I really appreciate the rapid response you guys had!


linotype called it memphis, ludlow called it karnak, stymie was hand type, i like it, i have some in hand type and a bunch on the ludlow. as for value, hard to say, i would check ebay, it is not really a rare type that a collector would pay a lot for. good luck dick g.

It comes up on Ebay rather often. I bought most of NA Graphics shelf stock in body text sizes left over from ATF. I happen to like it. It is a matter of taste. Certainly not worth as much as the Palmer & Rey type discussed a couple of days ago.