Platen Back - Kelsey 3x5


I’ve posted to the classifieds and have been on the lookout for several months now. Just wondering if anyone might have any suggestions or know of somewhere to direct me, as I really would like my press back in order ASAP.

I’m looking for a “platen back,” the same piece that holds the gripper bar, with two arms that go from the platen back to the other side of the body. The press is a Kelsey 3x5.

This piece broke (very cleanly) at the arms, close to the platen back, and this does not appear to be an easy fix. When I dismantled the press to further investigate, I noticed that it looks as though this piece has been broken at some point before (and repaired, JB Weld?), at the part that holds the gripper bar.

Needless to say, I think I would be best off with an entire new part. The platen itself is fine, just the back and armed part need to be replaced.

I appreciate any help!

Thank you.


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try excelsior press in new jersey, alan has been restoring kelseys and maybe has or can get the part you need, he is in the yellow pages on this site. good luck dick g.