Can anyone identify this press?

I am in the midst of purchasing this tabletop press and cannot figure out what kind it is. I thought it was a C & P Pilot, but the legs are different and the lever is in a different spot (when I compare it to some pictures of the Pilot on the internet).

I am a beginner, so I need some advice/help.


image: 018.JPG


image: 019.JPG


image: 020.JPG


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Hi Jackie,

It looks to be a Master 6 x 9.

i don’t know anything about this press, except there is no adjustment on the platten for impression, it looks like adjustment screws behind the bed (where the chase goes) if you can’t adjust the impression printing won’t be fun. are there grippers with this press, you’ll need to buy rollers, there is one on the press and missing one, not a big deal, but rollers run about $80 to $100 each. good luck dick g.

Thank you for the comments :)

Does anyone know where I can get some info on a Master? I was thinking I had better get some type of manual so that I can determine what is missing. If I am unable to adjust the platten for impression, is there a way to fix that? Am I able to buy one of the deep relief blocks from Boxcar?

Does anyone know what this press is worth?