Bed Shaft & Short Throw-Off Shaft Specs - C&P New Style 10x15

We have a disassembled C&P New Style 10x15 press which is missing a few parts. Thankfully they seem like they will be fairly easy to replace, but we need to know the specs before getting them from the machine shop, and are wondering if anyone can help with this— any help is much appreciated!

First and most importantly is the Bed Shaft, part 96. From the opening in the side frames and the bed the diameter seems to be 1 3/16” or 1 1/4” and from the pictures we have seen it only needs to be as long as the bed is wide, roughly 25”.

Second is the short throw-off shaft, part 95. This piece seems like it should be 1” in diameter and as long as the side frames, roughly 18”.

Also, should both of these shafts have collars on the inside of the side frames to keep them from shifting?

Third are the bolts which hold the washers against the side arms on the frame end. Diameter, length, thread count, etc?

Last are the bolts which hold the crank shaft box, part 43. These don’t appear to be anything special, can I just use three bolts from the hardware store?

If anyone can snag/confirm these dimensions from their press, that would be great. If anyone has any of these parts laying around and wouldn’t mind parting with them, that would be even greater. We are also in the market for a treadle, and are in contact with Hern Iron Works, but would love to get a used one if there are any out there.

Thanks so much!

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