curly floral corner ornaments

I posted a bunch of my ornaments on Flickr and someone wants to know what this one is called. I have no idea and didn’t have any luck finding it in any specimen books. Anyone happen to recognize it? It doesn’t have any pin mark or anything like that.

query posted to typophile:

image: dingbat_4604.jpg


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What you have is a design of a “piece border”. These ornaments are put together to form a border design. I sold mine some time ago, but I there are many more that are
similar that I can supply. Come is various sizes up to 36pt.
most cases. Email for my specimen sheets of borders, etc.

Typographer John Ryder in his book “A Suite of Fleurons” dubbed it a Lyonnaise Arabesque. Originating from the Lyon printing office of Guillaume Rouille in about the year 1570, it may have been cut by Rouille or Pierre Roussin, assisted by Salomon or Robert Granjon. It was recut and cast in multiple sizes as Monotype 219. Francis Meynell and Stanley Morison in their essay “Printers’ Flowers and Arabesques” published in The Fleuron, give the lineage: Michael Jouve and Pierre Roussin, 1551-1580; Jean Pillehote, 1580-1600; Lamesle, 1742; Delacolonge, 1773; Ploos van Amstel, 1796 and Imprenta Real, 1799.


Wow! thanks so much! More info than I could have imagined. I’m going to re-post this back to typophile with a link and proper credit, of course.

Thanks again,