moving a platen/windmill (UK)

hello all
i’ve managed to track down a platen and am in the middle of sorting out ‘pick up’, the question i have is can i easily dismantle any parts of the press enough to reduce the weight enough to use a ‘tail lift’ van? i think the SWL of the tail lift vans available to me is around 500kg (which i understand is about half the total net weight of a 10 x 15), i know a specialist mover would be best but at a cost!
any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Roger,
I move presses but specialise in Hand presses etc. Our lift does 750kg. The most you’ll get on a Luton Transit is 500kg. If you hire a 7.5 tonner some come with a 1000kg lift. Bear in mind to shift the platen you’ll need some burly chaps and a pallet truck, blocks, a toe jack to lift it off the ground etc. The feed table will come off the front its on 4 bolts. You could reduce the weight but make sure you are confident about reassembly. I usually mark everything with liquid paper pens using a dot system. Then on reassembly and cleaning they just wipe off! I do know a guy with a big lorry and crane who can happily shift your press. He is based near Manchester and is good on price. But obviously that depends on your location!

hey Jeremy
thanks for your reply, i’m in Swindon and the Platen is in Derby (120 miles) ish! if you have a contact for any one that can give me a price that would be great.
Are you printing with a platen?


Hi Roger
I have a print background but I specialise in letterpress equipment and printmaking machinery. We move, restore, repair and service but not Heidelbergs.
I have a friend with a lorry and we need him to collect something from Manchester and take to Bournemouth in Jan, maybe if we double up he could do it for less….?
Contact me at [email protected].