Looking for replacement parts

We have an Intertype C4 with the serial number of 26,476 (1954).

We have two broken parts that we need to replace.

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First is the bracket that supports the mechanism that raises and lowers the magazines. We aren’t sure if we did this or it has been like this for a while.

We couldn’t find what it was called or a part number in our Intertype manual.

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The other is the elevator transfer slide finger(?) that transfers the mats from the first elevator to the second elevator. We never noticed it before but it clearly had been bent back and forth a few times.

After looking at them on other Intertypes it may be one that was handmade.

I believe the name is the Elevator Transfer Slide Finger and the Intertype part number is #588.

image: magazine-elevator-bracket.jpg


image: mat-pusher.jpg


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Don Black and Dave Seat are in the yellow pages on this site. Another contact, possibly stale, is:—

SOS Linotype Service
707-714 Space Park North
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Good luck, Brian

try dave seat, i think he’s the guy that travels the country fixing linos, he carrys parts also. good luck dick g.

Won’t do him much good to send him to Don Black or Dave Seat if he doesn’t have a parts number. The mat pusher (actually the Elevator Transfer Slide Finger is Intertype part #588, from the 1949 (brown cover) parts book. BTW the actual part looks nothing like the finger you have now.
The other part looks very much like a pi stacker bracket (T4857 assembled or T-4807 for the casting alone). It is pretty essential to have a parts book relevant to your machine (1949) and something newer (the 1957 edition (red cover) is common and covers many revisions Intertype made in the 1950’s. A very good source of the more obscure parts is Greg Timko at GT Graphic services.