Chandler and Price Old Style for Sale or Donation

This press is an 8x12 located in a basement of a house in Westland, MI (near Detroit). It is in good shape. I want to move the press out of the house by the end of April if possible.

Please read the 2/27 update at the end.

The inventory is as follows:

8 x 12 C&P Old Style press, in working condition
1/4HP Motor, in working condition with flat belt
5 rollers (press uses 3 at a time), 3 in fair condition, 2 bad condition
Furniture shelf with furniture
Tall type cabinet with 18 cases
Small type cabinet with 4 cases
3 extra cases of type
Various amounts of lead type:
Airport Semi-Bold: 10pt., 12pt.
Airport Tourist: ?pt.
Bankers G: 6pt.
Bankers G Med: 6pt.
Bankers G Bold: 12pt.
Bodoni: 12pt.
Bodoni Bold: 8pt., 12pt.
Bodoni Bold Italic: 14pt.
Ultra Bodoni Bold: 18pt.
Garamound Italic: 14pt.
Goody Old Style: 10pt.
Modern Roman: 8pt., 12pt.
San Serif Light: 12pt.
Stymie Bold: 6pt., 10pt., 12pt.
Stymie Med: 6pt.
Stymie Bold: 6pt., 10pt., 12pt.
Stymie Bold Italic: 14pt.
Stymie Med Condensed: 14pt.
Stymie Med Italic: 8pt.
T.E.C. (?): 24pt.
Typoscript: 14pt., 18pt.
A few unidentified drawers of type
Plenty of spacing material
2 Galleys
2 Composing stands, 4ft and 6 ft filled with unsorted type and misc.

I am selling or donating this as a unit, no splitting.

I would prefer to donate the press and equipment to a school, university, or museum, but will take the best offer that comes along. This press has sentimental value to me as I and my father used it. I’d like to see it get a new lease on life in the hands of a school, museum, or enthusiast.

If you are interested in buying this setup, name your price and I will consider the highest offers.

I will not ship this, but will help dismantle to move out of the basement if necessary. Don’t ask me how it comes apart!

Please share this information so I can find a new home for this sweet letterpress!

Update 2/19: The composing stands are overstated. They are more like angled shelves which could be used for composing . The extra sets of type are not overstated. There are at least six other sets along with borders, symbols, and whatnot.

Also, I looked at moving the press out of the basement with my father-in-law, and it looks very do-able. Taking off the flywheel and back clamshell half of the press should give enough room to move the press out of there.

2/27 Update: If you are interested in the press and setup, please respond with the following:

1. Tell a bit about yourself and your interest in letterpresses.
2. Tell how you will put the press to use.
3. State if you represent a non-profit organization.
4. State how much you can pay for the press and setup.
5. State if you want to be there to partially dismantle the press for moving out of the basement. I will be making the plans and executing the move out of the basement. You can be there for it if you wish.
6. You must commit to being responsible for loading the press onto your trailer, and taking delivery on it by the end of April. (Note: This deadline counld move up if the house sells, but it won’t be on the market until mid-March).

I will accept any and all offers through March 13th. I will not be available for any questions from February 28 to March 7th, but will reply to any questions when I return from vacation.

How the press will be used is more important than the money to me, so please offer whatever you can but tell me about yourself and the presses future!

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