Alan Runfeldt & Louis Colavecchio

Does anyone know if Louis Colavecchio is the jerk Alan Runfeldt works with? If so, that explains pretty much everything…

See below link for info! …

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How is this appropriate to the discussion here?

I’m very new here, and I don’t think I’ll want to deal with people on this forum if this is the kind of things that get posted about each other.

There is more than one Lou in Rhode Island, this is not theLou who restores presses. You sound like you have had bad dealings with these guys, i don’t know lou, but have had many conversations with Alan, who i believe has helped many many people trying to find letterpress equipment, he works hard to keep the scrap guys away from this old equipment, he had one dealing that went bad and i’m sure he is trying to resolve this. Lets keep this site for the free sharing of information about letterpress, not name calling! if someone does wrong to someone else on this list i think it could be discussed, Mark, welcome to this site, don’t let one post discourage you. Good Luck Dick G.

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