Packing an SP-15

I have forgotten everything I ever learned about how to change the packing on a SP-15, and I’ve lost the instructions, too. Are there videos or instructions posted somewhere showing exactly what goes where? I haven’t come across any.

I’m not so worried about what to pack with, but rather how to get it all attached the right way in the right places. Thanks for all help. I
have avoided this issue for way too long now!

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this would be good to post on the vanderblog


This isn’t a major undertaking and you probably are not going to find anything on the net because of this but

I do address this in my book

and offer these specific materials here

This may or may not be of interest as it all depends upon what you are printing and trying to achieve.


Thank you both. Mission accomplished—I figured it out. Gerald, your book is very helpful. Sometimes I forget all the resources I already have on my shelves.