Evaluating a Windmill for purchase

I’ve heard that any windmill has the possibility of years of die-cutting “abuse” in its lifetime. Is it possible to evaluate the platen relative to the main frame? Could there be actual play in the attachment point? I lucked out on my first one but would rather be more informed going into this potential purchase. Thanks in advance. If this is covered elsewhere, mea culpa.

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What makes you classify die-cutting as abuse?
If you take the combined area of the surface of the cutting rule, this will be far less than the area covered by the actual face of a type forme.

Heidelbergs were made for long runs, and I have operated both platens and cylinders for over 50 years doing both print and die-cutting, and providing they are properly maintained and lubricated they will run for ever and a day all day long.

I have never known one suffer from wear on the main platen shaft, so I don’t think you need worry on this point.

Thanks Bern