Looking for Donated Letterpress (tabletop) Equipment

I recently had the opportunity to teach art classes at my daughter’s elementary school over a 3 week period. I wanted these kids to be exposed to neat new things (and my daughter’s reputation was at stake) so I worked my tail off developing new projects from scratch. We made mobiles, pinhole viewers, and I introduced the students to Mr. Gutenberg. A buddy let me borrow an old proof press, furniture, a couple of fonts, a slab and ink, which I pushed around to the classrooms on a cart. Once each kid pulled a couple of copies and realized this is the “one at a time” method from which automated printing evolved, it was a unanimous WOWZER. Needless to say word spread like wildfire and I have the opportunity to share this craft on an ongoing basis. There are a few other schools that are interested in this traveling side show as well. I’m totally willing to keep this up on a volunteer basis but obviously need the equipment (portable) to do so. Our state is in an ongoing crisis so no funds are going to come from any educational piggy bank. I don’t mind putting something together from different sources and could possibly assist with shipping, out of pocket. Please contact me through my site. Thanks for your consideration.

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