Just another press video

With all these wondrous letterpress videos coming out, I decided to add my two em’s

The captions are all in Russian, but there’s nothing in ‘em you don’t already know :)


A short film demonstrating the process of printing a page (or rather a snippet of a page) from Latin Vulgate.

A few notes:

I am printing with just a single roller, as the other one swelled up and needs replacing (actually, both of them do, but triple-inking with just the one works for now).

Our agle-eyed pressmen will undoutably notice that the sorts are added to the composing stick from the wrong end. This is beacause the matter is already set at this point, and I am just correcting the mistakes.

The press isn’t bolted to the table, which explains the need to hold the base when opening the jaw.

Sadly, my fount does not contain a set of ligatures, long s’s, half r’s and other fraktur niceties.

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