Type, Cases and Assorted Leads & Slugs

Type in Cases $35.00 each
1. 18pt Cable Bold (just caps) case half-full - size is 21.5”x16.5#x1.5”
2. 18pt Punch (full case) size is 21.5”x16.5#x1.5”

the following cases are 32”x16.5”x1.5” (Hamilton?)
3. —- SOLD —- 18pt Stymie Light
4. 24pt Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed with 18pt Franklin Gothic Ex. Condensed (caps) case 2/3 full
5. 18pt 20th Century Extra Bold (full case)
6. 18pt Caslon Italic (full case)

Box of assorted Leads, Slugs and Rules $75.00:
1 pt Rule (3 packages)
2 pt Leads (10 pkgs)
2 pt Brass Rule (3 pkgs)
2 pkgs Perforating Rule
1 package Cutting Rule
6 pt Lead Stock (1)
36 pt EM Quads (1)
36 pt Spaces (1)
36 pt EN Quads (1)
36 pt 3-EM Spaces (1)
1 pkg 6pt slugx18 pica (68 pieces)+1 piece 12pt slugx18pica
(4 pkgs) 6 pt Slugs in variety of Pica sizes (all labeled)

Please come to pick-up. (We are between Seattle and Bellingham) All the type is arranged in its case. And the box of Leads, Slugs and Rules is very heavy. $35.00 per type case. $75.00 for the box of Leads, Rules, Slugs. (or take everything in this ad for $225)

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image: perf_cutting.jpg


image: two_pt_leads.jpg


image: em_spaces_en_3em.jpg


image: six_pt_slugs_varied.jpg


image: brass_rule.jpg