Photopolymer plate for Adana 8x5

Hello everyone, I’m from Mexico and I’m trying to figure out if there’s a company here that will produce these photopolymer plates for use in my Adana 8x5.

I already called one place, but they need to know the thickness for the plate and from what I’ve read there are diferent types.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would apreciate it a lot.

Thank you in advance.

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If you know the height of your base, subtract that from .918 and that will be the height of the plate you need.


Thanks Bielerpr!!! i just got my firts photopolymer plate and is beautiful!!!! jejeje

The bad part is…i bought fabriano paper… and try to make some prints… but when i press it… nothing shows up in the paper…. no mark, not anything….

I don´t know if it´s the paper…. ( fabriano is 100% cotton but used more for ilustration) or what am i doing wrong….

Thanks for your help!!!



Likely there was either a mistake regarding the base height/plate height or you need to add more packing for impression. If the former, you may be able to adjust by adding underlay (beneath the base) to bring the plate/base to type high (.918). If the latter, keep adding makeready paper until you start seeing impression. And then more for the desired impression.

I would not think there is anything wrong with the paper.

Just a couple of tiny steps yet.



If you are able to, post some pictures of your press and the base you are using.

I think I had the same problem and took my letterpress to Bulls-Eye printing in Garland, TX. The owner, Darrell, spent an hour adjusting my press settings. GREAT GUY!

It also helped that we broke larger plates into smaller plates to do multiple runs for the job.