What kind of type case is this?

I have a few type cases that look as though they came with the font in them, the tag on the front says “Kelsey, 10 pt. Ronaldson” and some other stuff. It doesn’t look like a California type case, but rather is split into 2 sections, down the middle.

Does anyone know what sort of case this is?

I have a drawer that says “condensed” and one that says “Ronaldson”. Currently, it’s pied, but I’m doing my best to sort through the 4 fonts present.

Thanks much!

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Your description of the type case is rather vague as there are many type cases that don’t look like a California case and are “split in the middle.”
Be my guest and look it up yourself….


Turns out it is a Kelsey Excelsior type case. JHenry was kind enough to share this old ad.



OH! Spuds - Thanks for posting the link that I was about to add to this discussion. I guess I don’t really have to take the time to read and post myself - the web site seems to speak for itself! ;)

It’s nice to know that the info I post on my site is helpful to others - even when I don’t know it’s being viewed! ;)

BTW - I do have a some of these old Kelsey layout cases if anyone is looking.

- Alan

P.S. The Kelsey case is essentially a standard 2/3 case size and will fit into any 2/3 case cabinet or rack that allows for the additional height of both the case itself plus the raised lip in the front. It may NOT necessarily fit into a dust-free cabinet made to hold the thinner new style 2/3 cases. But the width is the same as any 2/3 case.