help in identifing a non mechanical C & P press

I have a Chandler & price co. Cleveland Ohio non mechanical press with a very heavy roller.
On a heavy metal frame cased wood chamber box to hold type.
rails on top to hold and roll the heavy roller over the tray of type.
I have other jpgs.
I would love to know how old this is and what it would be called. there are no other markings other than the co. name

image: roller1.jpg


image: roller3.jpg


image: roller8.jpg


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To add to DTP’s post, they came in two sizes. 10 x 31 inch and 16 x 31 inch. They could also came with and without the stand. Howard H

And to add a little more, the R. H. Hoe Company made a press almost identical to the one you display. They also made much larger presses for newspaper printing.

we had one in the linotype shop i worked in the mid 60’s, the cylinder had some kind of felt on it, the devil tail is right, its used for proofing galleys of type, we used to store the paper under the press in that wooden box. that roller sure is heavy. Good Luck Dick G.

I thank you all for the invaluable information.
does this type of press have a value for collectors?


Yes I do have the metal ear, a very clean break.
The press has been in my basement for 8 years
I really have no use for it so I’ll be selling the press on craigslist as well as ebay. hopefully i can find a buyer in the S.F. bay area for pickup.
I thank you all for the rapid and insightful information.