I am in the process of purchasing a floor press from a gentleman in New York. The problem is, I live in Oregon… Any suggestions on how I might be able to get it over here?

Thank you.


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paul’s advice is good, there have been many bad things that have happened to cast iron being shipped by freight companies. if i were you i would take some time and try to find a press closer to you, there are lots of c&p’s around, if your going to spend money to move it across the country you might consider finding one closer and hire riggers to move it, they know how to move this stuff and you will be far better off. Good Luck Dick G.

Devils Tail is right: If you do choose to ship a press, buy shipping insurance.

My Vandercook SP-15 would have had to be scrapped if I hadn’t bought shipping insurance—I could never have afforded to fix all the bad things the shippers did to it.

Check the hauling schedules at Sometimes you can find someone trucking an antique tractor cross-country, who has spare room on the truck. I hired a local tow truck to lift the press onto the long-haul truck.

Do not take the chance of not crating your press before entrusting it to a cross-country shipper. You cannot ever know what else they are picking up along the way or how things will be loaded and secured in the truck as it goes. Shippment insurance is also a really good idea, but if you have to choose, spend more money on crating to protect the press in shipment. Insurance can protect your investment, but it can’t guarantee that you will have a press at the end of the journey. Good Luck — Neil