Font schemes for Hebrew

Anybody have font schemes for Hebrew?

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Ed, This a little late, but if you have not had any help on this topic I can mail you what I think you want. Send me your address by e-mail through briarpress and I will send you an enlarged copy of the layout found in the ATF catalog 1912. Howard

I have Hebrew foundry type. It’s quite old, but in excellent condition. I use it from time to time. As far as a font scheme is concerned, I’ve never seen one. My fonts are quite large, and I have never run out of letters. I guess I can’t really help, but it’s interesting to run into someone else with Hebrew type. Where are you located? I’m in Sacramento, California.

- Barry

Ed, I scanned this (german) Hebrew job case layout, if this helps, I can send you the high-resolution file.

image: Hebraeisch.jpg