Advice on moving an Improved Pearl #11


I recently acquired an Improved Pearl #11 press, and would like some advice on moving it. Is it fairly straightforward to dismantle, and more importantly, put back together again?

There will be two people and a small van - do you think this will be enough?

Your advice is greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Simon,

I have done this several times. I think you will find it quite straight forward to dismantle and reassemble. It is not a complicated press. My son and I have done it together with a hand truck, dolly, and a small trailer. We remove all easily removed parts to reduce weight and prevent damage. Flywheel, delivery board brackets, ink disk, upper press ears that support rollers while on ink disk, and drive mechanism(motor or treadle) and loosen bolts that connect the main upper body to lower cabinet. We then gently tip the press over and lower it to the floor on its side opposite where the flywheel was (onto some cushioning 2x4’s). We then finish removing the bolts that connect the main upper press to the lower cabinet and separate the two parts. The lower cabinet is not heavy, the upper press still is. Gently tip the upper press body upright onto the handtruck or dolly and wheel it to your transport. I do not think it is wise to attempt to lift any heavy parts. This eliminates any heavy lifting other than the tipping over of the press and lowering to floor. Be careful, it is heavy, but, not beyond what two men can do. The upper part is heavier than my son and I can safely lift, so we don’t. Use your head, not your back. Use mechanical advantage and moving equipment like above. Use the reverse to reassemble on the other end, putting the two halves together while on their sides near the final location. Get three men to stand it up once you have the halves bolted together, it is more difficult than lowering. Reattach the other parts and enjoy!


That’s absolutely fantastic, thanks so much.

I’ll be sure to let you know how i get on…

Best wishes